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The CABS module is designed to automate the billing process for Carrier Access charges and produces invoice statements for Interexchange Carriers as necessary.

Key features include:

  • Processes bills for
    • Facility Access
    • Feature Groups A,B,C,and D
    • Billing and Collection
  • Maintains Tariff (Rate) information for each Bill Type/Jurisdiction
  • Maintains separate factors for each usage category (IXC Specific)
  • Accommodates multiple rate changes by tracking the last 10 changes
  • Bills delayed usage at the correct rates based on usage date
  • Allows processing of postdated information
  • Allows adjustments and/or Other Charges and Credits for any bill type
  • Prorates part month charges and credits on Facility Access Bill automatically
  • Generates Average Schedule report (AS1000) or Estimated Cost report (EC1050) as required
  • Generates reports for balancing and audit trails
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