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The Capital Credits Module helps to eliminate the need for manual calculations and record keeping within a Cooperative structure.  Capital Credit records and calculations are produced on an on-going basis.  Both current and prior figures remain available in the database as long as your requirements dictate.

  • Interfaces with the Service Order Management System to automatically establish Capital Credit files for new customers
  • Interfaces with the Customer Billing System to automatically track amounts billed to each customer and to all customers collectively
  • Easily makes changes to customer general information and amounts as necessary
  • Calculates Capital Credit allocation for each customer based on amount billed
  • Retains allocated amounts for an unlimited number of years before assembly of payments
  • Retains Capital Credit reports for each customer based on a permanently assigned number.
  • Uses assembly and posting by the Accounts Payable Module to issue Capital Credit checks
  • Automatically deducts non-member amounts from the total amount billed for each year
  • Reconciles differences between each customer¹s name in the Capital Credit file and his/her name in the Billing File
  • Provides an option to simultaneously make all names in the Capital Credit file agree with the names assigned to the same Capital Credit Numbers in the Billing file
  • Provides the ability to combine two Capital Credit records into a single record in one easy step.
  • Automatically deducts Uncollectible amounts from the customer¹s allocated amount prior to payment  assembly
  • Provides the option to remove distributed Capital Credits from your system
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