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The extensive Financials package includes all the modules necessary for efficient management of your company¹s financial needs.

General Ledger

  • Allows unlimited open accounting periods
  • Allows reopening of accounting periods for late entries - updated balances will carry forward to later periods
  • Holds unacceptable batches until errors are corrected, and then they are posted to the General Ledger
  • Interfaces with Accounts Payable to allow drill-down to the invoice level for auditing

Accounts Payable

  • Allows online editing of invoices during data entry for valid account numbers, work authorities, and locations
  • Stores unlimited vendor history information
  • Accumulates vendor invoices to print one check for due invoices


  • Allows User-defined payroll deductions - variable and fixed
  • Tracks employee time off - vacation, sick time, PTO, holiday and other user-defined categories
  • Processes fringe benefits and supplemental pay

Time Sheets

  • Allows online editing of hours, work codes and authorities, and location numbers during data entry
  • Permits unlimited edits on work reports before releasing to Payroll
  • Allows multiple users during data entry
  • Posts information directly to Payroll


  • Channels Purchase Orders directly to Requisitioning and Receiving Module for generation of receiving reports
  • Provides a selection of vendor and ship-to address during P.O. entry
  • Allows items to be ordered and sent for repair using P.O.¹s
  • Notifies work group when a shipment is received

Requisitioning and Receiving

  • Maintains unlimited vendor records for all items
  • Blocks invoice processing against receiving reports when necessary
  • Lets the user view information about  quantities ordered and received to date (when entering data for receiving report)

Material Inventory and Materials Catalog

  • Allows review of Materials Catalog and material on order at any time
  • Uses the weighted average costing method for perpetual inventory
  • Receives inventoried material into the appropriate receiving account
  • Automatically adjusts  inventory by:
    • Work reports
    • Sales
    • AP Receipts
    • Warehouse transfers
  • Filters material selections by obsolete, active or both
  • Marks obsolete material to prevent ordering

Miscellaneous Billing System

  • Carries out real time inventory verification and updates for material sold
  • Allows generation of Accounts Receivable aging reports
  • Retains employee commission information
  • Allows invoice and payment history review by customer and date

Continuing Property Records

  • Permits adjustment of retirement percentages and recalculation of values as often as necessary
  • Processes outside plant property and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) transactions monthly
  • Retains property values by Tax Districts
  • Creates disposition retirement vouchers
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