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The Trouble Module tracks customer troubles from the initial customer contact through trouble resolution. All required customer information for Trouble Reports is acquired automatically from SOMS thus minimizing data entry. Trouble Reporting History is maintained by the module and can be easily accessed and printed in desired formats for monitoring purposes.

  • Provides a table driven format with user defined trouble report codes
  • Real-time entry of Trouble Tickets
  • Provides ability to attach permanent notes to Trouble Reports
  • Automatically checks new Trouble Reports against past reports to prevent duplicate reporting
  • Automatically checks for non-pay denial of service during trouble entry
  • Provides the ability to dispatch Troubles by work zone thus preventing wasted travel time.
  • Maintains valid status for each trouble such as:
    • Logged
    • Dispatched
    • Referred
    • Cleared
  • Generates management reports analyzing Trouble report activity
  • Report activity by:
    • Employee
    • Trouble type
    • Plant code
    • Cause code
    • Resolution
  • Allows authorized users to modify customer facilities from the Trouble Module
  • Notifies users of pending Service Orders and allows review of those Service Order from the Troubles module
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